I had the privilege to do a couple of sessions with Patricia and I’m so happy we got to work together! Not only is she empathetic and a great listener, but also capable of reaching way inside your feelings, your emotions, and getting to the root. I had something that has been bothering me for a long time, and thanks to those two sessions, I gained clarity about an issue that I wasn’t able to figure out – not even with therapy. By working on those stuck emotions, I’ve been able to release beliefs, feelings and emotions that were detrimental to my personal and spiritual growth.  She gently helps you discover, navigate through the emotion, feel it, and release it by using several different techniques that actually work! I will always be grateful for the amazing experience I had in our sessions. I highly recommend you consider doing it because it can be a life changer. I know I’ll do some more soon.

Uschi Morris, Boise ID. USA

"Las sesiones de Tapping con Patricia me fueron de inmensa ayuda para lograr calmar angustia y frustración durante una época muy difícil en mi vida. A parte del alivio inmediato, la claridad, paz y perspectiva que uno logra son incalculables. Aprendí con ella estrategias que me siguen ayudando y que recomiendo siempre.

Patricia tiene una gran capacidad de empatía y comprensión y logra rápidamente centrar el enfoque de su intervención, lo que ayudó a que pueda yo sentirme escuchada y tomada en cuenta. Además su preocupación y comprensión son muy sinceras, lo cual ayuda mucho en el proceso de encontrar y definir claramente  un objetivo a trabajar. Como psicóloga puedo decir que veo en Patricia todas las cualidades de alguien preparado para tener un gran impacto positivo en otros."

Susan Roberts PhD, Perú

"One of Patricia’s super powers is empathy! I found it very easy to relax and open up in her loving presence. As an EFT coach she guided me through the session with professionalism, competence, heart and confidence.  Her intuition let’s her see beyond the surface. I felt safe and in good hands and can highly recommend Patricia’s work to anyone."

Jayasri E. Romang - Therapeutin Coach und Gründerin von Essentially Peace, Zürich

"El trabajo de Patrícia es la perfecta demostración de que curar las heridas del pasado no tiene que ser un proceso doloroso. Por el contrario, puede ser profundamente revelador y natural. Ella sabe conducir las sesiones con maestría para propiciar la transformación."

Marta Bonilla, España

"Quiero dar testimonio que, en mis sesiones con Patricia, no solamente se me han ido los dolores físicos que tenía sino que me ha enseñado a tener una nueva vida. He aprendido a ser una mejor persona, a ser además de solidaria, más tolerante y comprensiva."

Teresa Bedoya, Perú

Dear Patty, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the sessions you did with me and how you helped me transform myself from a dominant, forceful person to a far more relaxed compassionate one. I didn’t think that that was even possible!!  The patience, the EFT skills and love that you put into our sessions are of extreme value that words cannot describe, it can only be felt and experienced… and be enjoyed for the rest of my life!!!

Your Tapping skills are precious to anyone who wants to improve their lives in whatever area and if they want to know what you can help them achieve you are welcome to send them on to me so they can hear first-hand how capable you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Ingrid Gerrits, Italy